Having a child: the choice of a life

Make a baby now or later, with this man or with this woman, at the risk of sacrificing everything .... Since we have the choice to have a child or not, we take the time to think about it. But do we really know what our desire is hiding? Violaine Gelly The Right Moment "It would be one of the greatest triumphs of humanity if we could elevate the act responsible for procreation to the rank of intentional action", explained Freud in The First Theory of Neuroses (PUF, "Quadrige").

Seven years old

Sad birthday, today. Seven years ago almost hour to hour, my little sister was ending her life. Remembrance difficult, but necessary, to continue to live in hope and joy. Since then, I have learned to live while savoring every moment with my family. Now, I think of her with gentleness and tenderness.

Should we tell everything to his therapist?

Tell All has become the rule of our time. What about the couch? Should we unpack everything? The psychoanalyst Christiane Lacote-Destribats decrypts this received idea. Stéphanie Torre Of course, we are not always very proud of it. Nevertheless, the demand for "transparency" has become so strong that we can finally give in to it.

Therapy: Women's Speaking Groups

Yesterday flying, they admit today slaughtered, cut off from their emotions and their bodies. They need to reconnect with their femininity. Hence these groups of words, forbidden to men. Catherine Maillard Between women All my love stories take the water "," I'm tired of rolling mechanics "," I feel inhibited, helpless.

I am hypersensitive to touching

I am hypersensitive to touching If someone puts their hand on my shoulder and says hello, I'll feel the imprint of that hand for a long time, several tens of minutes. In the same way, it is almost impossible for me to cuddle a cat while taking it on my knees: the sensation is on the verge of pain, so barely bearable.

I still do not know the pain I'm suffering from

It all started with an ordinary work accident. A false movement that caused a little tugging in my right wrist. Nothing serious, in short. Nothing, especially, which foreshadowed the difficulties that awaited me. The first few days, without worry, I applied an anti-inflammatory cream on my wrist. But the pain has not disappeared.